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Embryonic Stem Cells


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The PARIS project combines preclinical research with artificial intelligence and medical ethics research to evolve the state of the art in the personalised treatment of chemoresistant high-grade serous ovarian cancer.


The overall aim of PARIS is to find biomarkers for HGSOC patient stratification and precision drugs for targeting the cellular subpopulations that do not respond to current treatments.

The specific objectives of PARIS are:

  • To develop experimental organoid models for ovarian cancer patient-specific heterogeneity,

  • To measure patient-specific heterogeneity in clinical and organoid samples at the level of single cells,

  • To develop machine learning algorithms to detect and classify the transcriptomic signatures of major subpopulations that are resistant to the standard therapies,

  • To screen for drugs that kill the above major subpopulations,

  • To validate the identified drugs in a model, and

  • To explore ethical questions around human dignity and ethical limits of treatment.

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